Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractor Park Ridge IL Ryan Maxwell

Meet Max!

Max's mom brought him to SLC in hopes of regulating emotions and symptoms related to his ADHD diagnosis. After starting his chiropractic care plan, she noticed that his symptoms improved drastically, his digestion improved, and he found relief from stiff neck and shoulders!

Chiropractor Park Ridge IL Ryan Maxwell

Meet Sebastian!

When he came into SLC, one of his biggest challenges was sleep. This made his moods, behavior, and energy throughout the day thrown off. It’s not that Sebastian was a bad sleeper, but his body was stuck on stress and never able to fully access rest mode - leaving his brain not only tired but wired.

With consistent chiropractic care that helps calm and regulate the nervous system (and The Vagus Nerve) not only is he sleeping better, but mom says he’s getting better grades, and is much more relaxed, happy, and focused throughout the day.

Chiropractor Park Ridge IL Ryan Maxwell

Meet Isaiah!

Isaiah’s parents brought him to SLC in hopes of finding relief from allergies, anxiety, and dizziness. We named Isiah our Chiro Kid of the Month because of how much his symptoms improved throughout his care plan! Healthy kids grow into healthy adults!

“Dr. Ryan is so great and really pays attention to every client. The ladies up front are so helpful and friendly every time I come in!”

- Christine E.

“Polite staff with a very good doctor, no waiting and with an excellent result - Silver Lining. Big thank you Dr. Ryan.”

- Dida I.

“Dr Ryan explains what is going on and what treatment is needed. His techniques fix the issues. The staff is so pleasant and it is a great atmosphere.”

- Deanna Z.

“Simply the best!! Will get you back on track to a healthy life. Dr. Ryan and team ROCK. Highly recommend and cannot thank them enough.”

- Nick A.

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